Harbour Investment Holding GmbH Partners with Papair GmbH to Accelerate Adoption of Sustainable Packaging Solutions

Through this collaboration, Harbour Investment and Papair aim to lead the transition towards sustainable packaging solutions.


Harbour Investment Holding GmbH announces a strategic investment in Papair GmbH

Hannover, Germany – April 11, 2024

Harbour Investment Holding GmbH, a leading investor in the paper industry, has announced a strategic investment in Papair GmbH, the innovative producer of PapairWrap, a sustainable packaging solution based in Hannover.

This partnership underlines Harbour Investment’s commitment to fostering sustainable practices within the packaging sector and leveraging synergies across its portfolio of companies, including Schades, Omeko & R+S Group, Europe’s largest paper roll, linerless and label manufacturer.

The investment from Harbour Investment Holding GmbH will support Papair GmbH’s expansion efforts, including scaling up production capacity, enhancing research and development initiatives, and expanding market reach. Through this collaboration, Harbour Investment Holding GmbH and Papair GmbH aim to lead the transition towards sustainable packaging solutions, delivering value to customers while reducing environmental impact.

Papair GmbH, founded in July 2020, has quickly established itself as a pioneer in sustainable packaging solutions with its flagship product, PapairWrap. Made entirely of paper, PapairWrap offers a cost-efficient alternative to plastic bubble wrap, meeting the increasing demand for environmentally friendly packaging options.

Marcel Bergmann, CEO and Chairman of Harbour Investment Holding GmbH

We are thrilled to join forces with Papair GmbH as we continue our journey toward sustainability within the paper industry.” said Marcel Bergmann, CEO and Chairman of Harbour Investment Holding GmbH. “The synergies between Papair GmbH and our portfolio companies, including Schades, Omeko & R+S Group, present an exciting opportunity to drive innovation and promote sustainable solutions across the packaging value chain.

Jun Park, CEO of Schades, Omeko & R+S Group

We are excited to realize our transformation strategies by this strategic investment and proud to support Papair GmbH in its mission to drive positive environmental impact through innovative sustainable packaging solutions.” said Jun Park, CEO of Schades, Omeko & R+S Group. “PapairWrap exemplifies the kind of forward-thinking technology that can transform industries while promoting sustainability.

Christopher Feist, CEO & Co-Founder of Papair GmbH

In forging this strategic partnership with Harbour Investment GmbH, Papair GmbH solidifies its commitment to driving meaningful change in the packaging industry.” emphasises Christopher Feist, CEO & Co-Founder of Papair GmbH. “By leveraging Harbour Investment’s expertise and resources, we are equipped to accelerate the development and deployment of PapairWrap while simultaneously exploring untapped markets and distribution channels. This partnership not only signals our shared commitment to driving positive changes but also underlines our dedication to creating a sustainable future for generations to come.

About Harbour Investment Holding

Harbour Investment Holding is a Family Office with a passion for paper products and with decades of experience in this highly specialised industry. Harbour Investment makes long-term investments in the global paper industry. The investment portfolio covers a range of production and sales companies focusing on POS rolls (Point of Sales), self-adhesive labels, linerless and flexible packaging applications in the European market.

About Schades, Omeko & R+S Group

Schades, Omeko & R+S Group is Europe’s largest group of paper roll, linerless and label manufacturers.
A unique customer base combined with a strong local presence in the major European markets, has enabled the companies to successfully build competitive strength.
Spanning production sites across Germany, Poland, France, and the UK, as well as strategically positioned sales offices and warehouses in Spain, Denmark, Sweden, Finland, and Switzerland, the group is poised to meet the diverse needs of clients across the continent.

About Papair GmbH

Papair GmbH is an innovative producer of sustainable packaging solutions based in Hannover, Germany. Papair develop technologies to produce sustainable packaging material. Founded in July 2020, Papair GmbH’s flagship product, PapairWrap, offers a cost-efficient and eco-friendly alternative to traditional plastic bubble wrap. With production process and product patent, the opportunities are many, and in the future, Papair will stand as a brand for environmentally friendly packaging materials.

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