Management team

Marcel BergmannCEO and Chairman

19 years in the industry

2017 CEO at Schades and R+S
2015 Joined Hansol after acquisition as CSO

Maciej DworzańskiChief Financial Officer

15 years in the industri

2022 CFO at Schades, Omeko & R+S Group
2007 Managing Partner at Omeko

Jun ParkChief Strategy Officer

29 years in the industry

2019 Senior VP at Hansol Paper.
2018 CEO of Telrol 2014 CEO of Hansol Europe
2014 CEO of Hansol Europe

Sung Jai JeonChief Operating Officer

27 years in the industry

2018 CIP leader of Schades, R+S, and Telrol
2014 Value-up partner at Hansol Paper Co.
2010 Chief R&D Engineer at Hansol Paper Co.

Arnim SchindlerCIO

29 years in the industry

Certified project manager
Since 2004 ERP consultant Microsoft

Karim GnewkowTax Advice

22 years in the industry

Tax Consultant and Bachelor of Business Administration
Since 2012 in own Office

Dr Wolfgang KazmierowskiCorporate Finance Advisory

29 years in the industry

Since 2002 Managing Director at DC Advisory
Lazard 1996-2002
Hoechst AG 1991-1996

Dr Regina EngelstädterAdvisory Legal

19 years in the industry

Lawyer and notary
Since 2012 at Paul Hastings (Europe) LLP