Investment by Schades – R+S Group

Schades – R+S Group and LemuGroup Spain entered into a Long Term Investment Agreement. Schades – R+S Group invests in full automized manufacturing operation for the site in Hannover, including label and Inline technology.

Press Release

Hannover, Germany – December 22, 2021

Today, Schades – R+S Group and LemuGroup Spain entered into a Long Term Investment Agreement. Due to transformation and adapting to market environmental changes, LemuGroup Spain invent for Schades – R+S Group for their state-of-the-art facility in Germany a full automized manufacturing operation. Furthermore, the deal including Label and Inline – technology.

Marcel Bergmann, CEO of Schades – R+S Group: ”This investment will sustainably secure our pan- European footprint and enabling highest competitiveness in the market. Additionally, our Group further transform into the future to be a full chain manufacturer of POS and Label”.

Inaki Larrea, CEO of LemuGroup Spain: ”We believe on a long term partnership with Schades – R+S Group, challenging each other everyday for the exponential improvement of both companies. This project of a ‘fully automatized factory‘ will take Schades – R+S Group and LemuGroup to create a new level on the converting industry”

Sung Jeon, COO of Schades – R+S Group: ”This agreement is not only investment but also projects collaborated with the most trusty partner, which will certainly lift our group to be the most reliable and sustainable partner far from the competitive status on the ground, especially out of this ‘non-contact era’. It is proactive and bold commitment of our vision to strengthen our core capability in POS and dynamic growth in Label”.

Schades – R+S group produce, sell and distribute paper rolls and self-adhesive labels. With production sites in Germany, Denmark, France and the UK and sales offices and/or warehouses at production sites as well as in Spain, Sweden, Finland and Switzerland, Schades – R+S Group offer a local presence and an extensive distribution network across Europe.

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